The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

February 1, 2012

I'm grateful that Mary Wood was a part of my life

Joan Sugg

TARBORO — I'm grateful that Mary Wood was a part of my life

I am one of Mary Wood Heydenreich's kids, class of 1953.

I learned so much from her as a five-year old:

The North Pole is the coldest place in the world, but the SOUTH Pole is NOT the hottest place in the world. There is something called the equator in the middle.

The real name for the Lone Range theme is the William Tell Overture.

Just because it rains at your house doesn't mean it rains everywhere. (one day it was raining on the THS side of the street, but not on “ours” as we were leaving for home).

You can tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly by looking at their heads. Caterpillars have “feathers”.

Lady cardinals are brown, not red.

Making things, like potholders, is fun and useful. Now I knit and crochet for Warm Up America.

The library is where you can borrow books and learn things. We went there every Thursday.

Being in a play is fun, and costumes are part of the drama. I made a wig for myself out of brown crepe paper when I was Gretel.

Heroes can breathe under water because they are heroes (Beowolf). I remembered the story senior year in high school at St. Mary's, even though, at first I could not remember the name of the story.

What you have is not as important as what you do with it. We went to Mr. Harry Hull's Williams's five and dime and bought soap, washcloths, toothpaste and toothbrushes for boxes to send to orphans in Korea. We learned that many, many children did not have what we took for granted.

Most of all, I learned that learning is fun. I made up my mind to be a teacher and to be someone she could be proud of.

I am so very grateful that Mary Wood was a part of my life.

Sincerely yours,

Joan Sugg