The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

October 29, 2012

Vote ‘no’ on ECC sales tax


TARBORO — To the Editor:

I must be in a game of musical signs.  So far, I’ve placed six home-made “Taxed  Enough Already” signs beside those in support of the quarter-cent tax.  Two of my signs were removed rudely. Someone redeployed two signs in support that were near one of my signs. So, I moved that sad and lonely sign to near three  signs in support.

The ill-conceived tax illustrates one major problem in this country.  That is, people on the left feel they can spend your money better than you can because they feel their intentions are so good. Problem is, they know so much that isn’t so.

The political left use the coercive power of government to confiscate your money overtly and covertly for things you may or may not support. This tax proposal is covert, because it is perceived to be small and paid painlessly when you buy things voluntarily.  Plus, it’s for such a good cause — you know. Taxes are not paid voluntarily, period!

This tax proposal redistributes income and wealth involuntarily.  Whenever you’re taxed you lose some of your freedom. Those on the left are always scheming to have other people pay for their agenda. It would be much better if ECC raised funds voluntarily by way of private donations from friends and alumni.

It’s difficult enough to persuade politicians to reduce your taxes, thereby increasing your freedom.

Although this tax proposal diminishes your freedom somewhat, it is an opportunity for you to save yourselves money and preserve some of your freedom by voting ‘NO’ on Election Day.

The rude removal of my signs may indicate the type of people supporting the tax proposal.  They are those who want to increase their power at your expense and are intolerant of an opposing viewpoint.

Leon Wilson