The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

June 20, 2012

Clarifying the data on outdoor gun range


TARBORO — To the Editor:

I want to thank the Daily Southerner for the article about the outdoor commercial shooting range coming to Stallings Road. Now the majority of people who live within a one mile radius of the sight can weigh in for most did not know of the plans for one. However, there are some minor flaws in the story that I would like to point out. One is my name is Allen Key and not Robert key as stated in the paper. Another is Ms. Pittman said that the soil Soil and Water conservation Department had approved the plan but when I checked with the elected supervisor of that department he assured me that there had been discussions with the senior planner but they had not been asked to visit the site, had made no determinations on its viability, and had not given any formal approval. Besides that, it was pointed out that any questions on possible water pollution should have been directed to the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Inquiries could have also been made to the EPA because they have actual guidelines for outdoor gun ranges that could have been used. As far as the statement that lead from the site was not a concern then I wonder why the EPA considers its disposal under the hazardous waste heading, has banned it from most products, and lead poisoning is a term commonly used. Since this site is located approximately 125 feet from Cow Branch, is in a low-lying area that has flooded before and is prone to flooding, then I would consider lead a clear danger if this site is opened with the ambiguous language contained in the application as the only protection available. My final statement concerns what constitutes a one mile radius. I have attended many training classes on map reading, taught classes myself, and mapped that area in 2010 with a GPS locating system so I was surprised at what the senior planner used to show a one mile radius in his power-point presentation recommending approval. Radius means from center point outward and it is six tenths of a mile from the site to US 258 by road and that is where the outside line in the power-point showed as the boundary. If the actual area was shown then the housing count would increase drastically from the 88 used by the planning department. So, please consider these points and tell people that I am working on this and the truth will eventually be revealed at possibly a terrible cost to some people.

Allen Key