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August 20, 2012

Sharing random thoughts

Editor and Publisher
John H. Walker

TARBORO — Now that the Olympics are over, what did you think about some of the events?

Come on. How can baseball no longer be an Olympic sport but advanced gymnastic ribbon twirling can get you a gold medal?

Who won the ribbon twirling, anyway?

But talking about the Olympics, how about those two women’s relay teams —he 4x100 and 4x400? What a show they put on!

•   •   •

Princeville residents will have the opportunity to attend and participate in a public hearing on the 2012-2013 budget on Thursday.

This is the LGC budget and not the one proffered by members of the town’s board of commissioners.

The LGC is encouraging both attendance and participation in the meeting and process.

•   •   •

With proper promotion, the upcoming — and future — bluegrass festivals hosted by Edgecombe Cultural Arts Council can prove to be a tourist draw for the community.

There are bluegrass festivals all over the country that are financially beneficial to the host communities.

Down In Angie, La., the festival starts at noon on Thursday and runs through Saturday night. Some 100 or so campsites and RV sites are reserved from one year to the next and every room in town is sold out for the Great Southern Bluegrass Festival.

The local Piggly Wiggly stays busy the entire time as do other merchants — plus, there’s just some really good bluegrass music.

The folks in Angie — about a Macclesfiled-sized community — do it twice a year, in April and September and draw people from throughout the coastal region.

The bluegrass festival can be the fall version of Happening on the Common, as there are festivals where there are arts and crafts as well.

If you haven’t made plans to attend, you should do so on Saturday, Sept. 8.

•   •   •

A reminder to motorists that school is about to be in full swing.

While North East Carolina Prep began almost three weeks ago, we are in the final days of summer vacation for those students who will attend classes on an Edgecombe County Public School campus and it is time to begin paying attention to the comings and goings of the students.

Watch for kids darting across the street ... be aware of school buses and watch for kids getting on and off.

Be safe.

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