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October 31, 2013

Mayoral candidates visit second-grade classroom

TARBORO — Candidates for mayor of the Town of Tarboro visited a classroom at Coker-Wimberly Elementary School to help students make connections from their social studies unit on government. Rick Page and John Wooten visited second grade students in Renee Krell’s classroom.

Karin Gonzalez explained that she learned a lot from the candidates.  “I learned about the election and it made me want to vote when I get older,” Gonzalez said.

Although Gonzalez enjoyed the candidates’ comments, she does not want to become mayor. However, Nykeveya Sweet, said she is definitely trying to become mayor when she is 35. “I want to help people live better lives,” Sweet said. “If they need help to save, I want to help them.  That’s what I want to do as mayor.”

Na’siyah Fountain has a different agenda altogether, as she wants to serve on the town council.  “The mayor doesn’t make the laws.  Only the town council does,” Fountain said.  

“That’s why when I get older, I want to be on the town council.”

Both candidates motivated students with making positive decisions and setting goals, sharing their visions of wanting to make a difference in Tarboro as the next mayor.  

Students told the candidates they have a classroom mayor. The candidates emphasized the hard job the newly elected classroom mayor will face to build trust among classmates, treat everyone fairly, and be a good leader in the classroom.  Offering encouragement to the newly elected classroom mayor to listen to the classmates, be involved, and be a voice to the students they serve, the candidates also advised them to be responsible by making good decisions like elected officials have to do for their constituents.

“I believe these sessions have helped the students come to understand accepting responsibility and voting in the democratic process,” added Krell.  “With this awareness of what’s going on in government, our students will now go home to encourage their parents to get involved.”


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