The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

November 15, 2013

Nomaco creates new product using environmentally friendly process


HARRISBURG, Pa. — Nomaco Insulation in Tarboro has created a new product, using an environmentally friendly process.

“We’re very proud to be able to do what we’re doing, setting a different level of acceptability for recycled products in the market,” said Nomaco President Scott Edwards.

Nomaco is manufacturing polyolefin pipe insulation products from recycled rather than raw materials.

“It’s already gone through somebody’s manufacturing process and it’s scrap from their process,” Edwards said.

Nomaco developed NRG5 technology as the new production standard for its Nomalock, Imcolock and therma-cel seam seal products. The products are also GREENGUARD Gold certified for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

On Nov. 1, the company began distributing the products throughout North America through plumbing wholesale supply houses. The purpose of the product is to insulate pipes for energy efficiency and freeze protection, Edwards said. The products are designed for residential and light commercial use.

The energy reduction and sustainability of the pipe insulation manufacturing process is threefold, as explained by Edwards. Nomaco reclaims the scrap materials for re-use, keeping them out of the landfill and repurposes them for energy conservation use – to insulate pipes. Additionally, Nomaco saves the energy of using a reactor to generate raw pellets to make the piping insulation.

The materials go through an extruder machine, which “processes raw materials into energy saving pipe insulation,” operations manager Doug Stolpe explained.

The new manufacturing process has been a yearlong project at Nomaco, and has involved working with sources in the United States and Mexico to acquire quality scrap materials, testing the materials and qualifying the sources, Edwards said.

A new employee has been hired specifically to support the new product process.

“My hope is that it will be a catalyst for bringing other sustainable companies to Nash and Edgecombe County,” Edwards said.

Nomaco has about 80 employees at its Tarboro plant.

The new pipe insulation manufacturing process is the latest but certainly not the first or last of Nomaco’s “green” ventures.

“We’re an energy conservation company, and with that comes the responsibility for sustainability and carbon footprint reduction,” Stolpe said.

Nomaco has installed energy efficient lighting and a “real-time” energy monitoring system, and has implemented a “demand response program” to anticipate peak energy usage times and adjust production schedules accordingly.

Nomaco Insulation is a global leader in engineered polymer foam insulation products for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Nomaco has been part of the Tarboro community for 15 years.