The Daily Southerner, Tarboro, NC

September 13, 2012

Buffaloe receives Green Belt

The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Christian Buffaloe, 12 year old son (and student) of local Kyokushin Karate instructor Kenny Buffaloe, recently passed a high level examination for 3rd kyu (Green Belt/Brown Tip) ranking. In Kyokushin Karate, rank is very difficult to obtain, due to the high level and standards required for advancement.  Kyokushin style students are not only tested on their physical and technical ability, but also on their mental attitude, fighting spirit, and overall discipline in training.

Buffaloe was tested at the Japanese run headquarters school in New York City by several high ranking Kyokushin karate instructors from Japan.  After over 3 grueling hours of being tested on his techniques, power, and spirit, Buffaloe was officially promoted to 3rd kyu (Green Belt/Brown Tip), a high level in Kyokushin style karate. In Kyokushin, the Kumite(Fighting) portion of the test is the most important requirement( 70% of the entire test), which is always bare knuckle, full contact knockdown against multiple opponents. Due to his advanced level, Christian was required to do his test with all adults, having to fight several full contact rounds continuously against several high ranking Black Belts.

Christian Buffaloe is the 2012 All American and United States Kyokushin Karate knockdown youth champion, having won tournaments in both Los Angeles and New York earlier this year.

Christian and his Father/Instructor Kenny Buffaloe will be featured in an upcoming documentary movie on their lives to be completed by the end of the year.  It is being produced by award winning director, Jochen Kuenstler  of Germany. The movie will focus on their unusual relationship as both Father/Son and Teacher/Student in Kyokushin Karate. It will also show the special fight training that Kenny Buffaloe gives his son Christian here in rural North Carolina to enable him to win world level international competitions with no previous experience or fight opportunities.